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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You may have noticed a lack of updates here. That's because I've been blogging pretty consistently over at: http://thebombbag.tumblr.com/

But I'm active. I have a fantasy story I'm working on with Scott White and I'm working on a romance story, as well, for another anthology. I've also had some reviews posted at The Writer's Center's website recently for This Side of Jordan and The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book.

I think I may try to consolidate this blog and my tumblr blog, or maybe start writing some of my longer pieces here and sending them to tumblr as links. But I figured an update was in order so, updated!


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The Wedding Comic on Pop Candy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I guest blogged over on Pop Candy while our beloved matriarch takes a vacation. Go check it!

I had four jobs for our June 6 wedding: 1) Book a school bus to take guests from the hotel to the wedding site; 2) Pick out the booze; 3) Take the lead on all of the paper craft items (save the dates, invitations, etc); and 4) Purchase party favors.

The first two tasks were easy. The third was quick and fun -- I designed all of the mailings and the autograph book, got Robin to approve them, and sent them out to printers I've worked with in the past.

The fourth task, however ... what does one give for a favor? No offense, but weddings where the guests go home with a Hummel figurine knock-off filled with candy or a wine stopper etched with the bride and grooms names are, you know, a bit tired. That type of favor wasn't fitting for a wedding that had www.theawesomewedding.com as its website. There was only one favor for such a wedding, and that was a commemorative wedding comic.

Read the rest here.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Haven't posted here in a month. Long and short of it - I'm about 25k words into a novel that kind of snuck up on me, I'm editing a comic written by Patrick Sheane Duncan, and I have a couple of smaller writing gigs lining up nicely.

So, I've been busy. How've you been?


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Goddamn Kids

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I started a tumblr blog because I have soooooo much free time on my hands.


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Obama Drama on eat!drink!snack!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Here's a piece I wrote for eat!drink!snack! about the one thing I can't stand when it comes to President Obama.

when my wife called last week to tell me that the presidential entourage was staging a block from our apartment my first response was, "please don’t tell me he’s eating at pho 75. i don’t want to imagine my life without some eye-of-round and brisket pho." my response would have been different five months ago. i would have dropped whatever i was doing and headed home as fast as possible for a mere glimpse of the man who’s nothing short of a hero to me. but that was when obama’s movements about the district were exciting and didn’t necessarily infer that one of my favorite eateries was about to be bogged down by a weird brand of people who chose their restaurants based solely on whether or not the president decided to stop there for a power lunch.

More at the link.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A couple of years ago I did a year-long project that I dubbed the Moose in the Closet. I wrote an autobiographical story every Monday-Friday for a little over a year. I ended up writing 263 stories starting on January 19th, 2005 and continuing until the end of February 2006. I took two weeks off to go on vacation but I had guest writers for those two weeks telling their own stories. Over that time I wrote 207,744 words for this project alone. I also wrote a 50k word NaNoWriMo partial-novella (never completed) and worked on two comic books (Elk’s Run and Western Tales of Terror). It was, beyond a doubt, the most productive year of my life and it was a great experiment that helped me grow as a writer.

I am now preparing to undertake a similar writing experiment. I plan on writing flash fiction every Monday through Friday for a full year but with a twist. Every story will have the same exact set-up but each day will tell the story using a different form or genre. So that’s 260 complete stories, each under 1000 words, and each one will be a unique take on the same exact story.

I feel like I need this. After being creatively lost for a full year, I need some kind of “all for me” project like this one. I’m hoping that my writing improves over the year, and that I can entertain a couple of people in the process. I realize that coming up with 260 different literary genres and forms might sound kind of impossible but my list is getting awfully close to that number (I just need to make sure I space the similar genres out).

I will likely be starting on March 23rd. I am taking a week off from work for final preparations. I really hope I can make it a full year, and any encouragement and support you can give me would be much appreciated.

So that’s that. Until that project starts you can still find my daily internet love letters on this blog but that’ll be all, most likely. I’ll be continuing the love letters through the year, although they may be pretty short at times.

Wish me luck!

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Hey, remember Postcards?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bibliosnark reviews Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened. She loved it. I'm not lying, she says:

It was completely worth the money. I absolutely loved it.

See? Anyway, it's always nice to see some new reviews pop up, even a year-and-a-half after the book was published. Plus, her site has a wicked cool design and she kind of looks like Sarah Paulson. Win-win-swoon.

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2009 Outlook

A. David Lewis was nice enough to give me a “thumbs up” on his blog even though 2008 was a bit of a major let down for me (award nominations aside, the only thing that was newly published was my road journal on DCist). It’s not like I was trying – I was hustling Postcards II to no avail, the Sam Cooke book had some wonderful pages drafted by Nate Powell but life stalled that project several times (it seems like it’s kicking back up again, though), and this “ultra-secret, ultra-cool” project I was working on got delayed twice. Now it’ll be kicking up late next year but, honestly, I’m not going to believe it until I see a check.

And now it’s 2009 and I’m working on new things. I’m doing fun stuff, not worrying as much about book deals and big publishers. The money’s drying up anyway and I have a pretty stable day job that’ll always pay me more than comics will ever pay me anyway.

I have an 8-page story with Chris Piers in DC Conspiracy’s upcoming war anthology about the first time chlorine gas was used in Ypres Salient. I’ve become obsessed with Ypres and I’m going try to get an ongoing or a web comic moving that takes place in the region.

Robin and I are cowriting an 8-page comic for our wedding. Noel Tuazon’s drawing my story and Chris Piers is drawing Robin’s. It was a fun little book to work on and it allowed Robin and me to take many a wine-fueled stroll down memory lane together.

I’m also collaborating with Dale Rawlings on a really fun webcomic. It’s Jack Chick meets video game strategy guides. We’re doing a Jack Chick/Sims comic now to see if people dig it.

And, as I said, there’s supposedly some life in Sam Cooke again. I need to hook up with my cowriter, Chris Stevens, to get the full story on that one. We’ve been playing phone tag since Sunday.

I also have a couple of pitches out with various magazines and websites. I’m trying to move away from comics a bit, honestly. I’m finding that I enjoy comics more without the stress of payment and metrics. With articles for magazines and websites, however, I need the stress and payment in order to get them done.

If I make money in comics I make money in comics. I really don’t care about the money enough to chase it, though.

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The 2009 Bloggies

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm going to try to get a Bloggie nomination this year. I feel like I've been putting up some good stuff and I can use the extra traffic. So, if you would, please go over to the bloggies website and nominate The Moose in the Closet (http://www.jasonrodriguez.com) for "Best-Kept Secret Weblog." If you'd like to nominate this site for something else go right ahead but I'm concentrating my efforts there. Please be advised that the site scrolls to the right, not down, so the nomination area is on that page.

There are other categories for you to fill out and whereas you can leave them blank I figured I'd offer up some suggestions by plugging some of the blogs I nominated this year.

Starting with the big one, Weblog of the Year, I nominated the Big 4 of my RSS feed: Wonkette, Consumerist, Boing-Boing, and Threat Level. I love those sites and read everything they post.

Along with this site I nominated The Reverse Cowgirl and Sully Baseball for Best-Kept Secret Weblog. I also nominated Sully Baseball for Best Sports Weblog along with Awful Announcing and Rob Neyer's blog.

Best Food Weblog was the toughest category for me. I read a lot of food blogs this year which might be the reason behind my weight gain. I finally settled on Cake Wrecks, the Amateur Gourmet, and I Heart Bacon. I did manage to sneak another food blog in the Best Teen Weblog category with a vote for Foodie at Fifteen (now 16). I only nominated one other blog in that category, The Kid's Comic Book Reviews.

For Best Fashion Weblog I went with Go Fug Yourself and Death By T-Shirt. Gawker, What Would Tyler Durden Do, and The Superficial got my votes for Best Gossip Blog.

I nominated Strange Maps, The Beat, and Purple Liquid for Best Topical Blog.

What else...for Best Entertainment Weblog I nominated Pop Candy, Television Without Pity (which I also nominated for Best Group Blog along with Blog@Newsarama and Scans Daily), and Peter Bart's blog. For Best Art, Craft, of Design I went with Drawn!, Meathaus, and Hip Young Thing. Best Travel Blog went to Hobo Traveler and Lonely Planet.

For Best Humor Weblog I passed some votes over to Michael Swaim's S.W.A.I.M., "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, and The Comics Curmudgeon. Wonkette got a second vote from me in the Best Political Blog category along with Klausfiles and Ben Smith.

For Best Music Blog I nominated LP Cover Lover and Guardian's music blog.

I think that's enough plugs...the other categories I kind of winged it on. Anyway, please go nominate The Moose in the Closet (http://www.jasonrodriguez.com) for "Best-Kept Secret Weblog." Thanks!

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Catching Up

Monday, December 01, 2008

I spent the past two weeks in four different cities and this blog has been stagnant as a result. I figured a general update post is in order and then I’ll get back to the content.

As far as the traveling goes, I was in Buffalo visiting my sister, New Orleans for a work conference, Colorado Springs for a marketing trip, and NYC for Thanksgiving. It’s been hectic and I have a nasty cough and sore throat as a result. I’m leaving for Vicksburg, MS this Sunday for three days and then I should be remaining in DC until the holidays. I’ll be in NYC and Framingham for Christmas and New Years.

I start up again in January, with multiple trips to Orlando and one to Macomb, GA and San Diego, CA, most likely. Then it’s comic book season. NYC Comic-Con and SPX are definite this year – I’m pretty sure I’ll be skipping SDCC this year since it’s a month before my wedding. I guess attendance depends on whether or not my bonus is high enough to pay for the rest of the wedding. Based on my past years' performance it should be high enough to pay for wedding and honeymoon. Based on, you know, reality I doubt I'll be so lucky. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been reading a lot about World War I lately, particularly books, journals, and articles on the Ypres Salient. I’m doing an 8-page story for a War Anthology the DC Conspiracy is putting together but I’m kind of itching to do something much bigger – like a regular series. Ypres was basically a mass grave site during WWI, it was the testing ground for many modern warfare innovations, the conditions were horrific, and some of the 20th centuries most influential politicians, writers, and policy makers cut their teeth in the Salient. It’s one of the most intriguing stories I’ve ever read, and the narrative just seems to fall right of it. I’ve read several histories so far, but it’s a recent crop of journals I’ve stumbled upon that are really getting my brain going.

The Netflix/X-Box partnership has been a great way to catch up on my movie backlog. I’ve been watching Weeds, several great documentaries, and some old crime flicks like Bonnie & Clyde and the original Scarface. TV-wise I've seemed to pick up no new series this year. I dropped Fringe, Life on Mars, and Pushing Daisies. The Office, 30 Rock, Entourage, Sarah Connor Chronicles and, reluctantly, Heroes, are the only shows I'm watching now. Lost and 24 will be on the list come next year.

Someone’s been leaving Chick Tracts in my work elevator. The publications are compliments of the Hope Church of God. One of them uses bible verses to prove actors go to hell. I can’t wait for the day when all comic book properties are optioned and Warner Brothers is forced to option Chick Tracts for its 2018 slate. I can’t wait to see Tom Selleck making Muslims cry with the truth about the Moon God.

Christmas shopping is underway. Taking it easy this year, wedding and recession and all. Just getting something small but thoughtful for Robin, the sis, the ‘rents, and the nephew and niece. All I want is a new hat.

Kanye’s new album…I like what I’ve heard so far. My hip-hop tastes have been tumultuous of late. I wasn’t satisfied with the newest Blackalicious, El-P, Del, etc album but Cadence Weapon’s Afterparty Babies got me into the house-side of hip-hop. As a result I’ve been finding myself getting more into the radio-play stuff, particularly Lil’ Wayne and Kanye’s new stuff. It seems like a complete departure of my usual hip-hop tastes but, oh-well – time to accept the new reality, I guess.

Dogfish Head(one of my three favorite breweries along with Rogue and Bell's) opened a restaurant in Seven Corners. It’s magical.

I’ve been impressed with Obama’s cabinet picks so far. Back in August I said Obama’s going to be the kind of guy that assembles a fantastic cabinet, much like Lincoln did when he was elected President. Choosing Hillary Clinton as Secretary State is as inspired as Lincoln’s pick of Seward. I also love the fact that Obama is working his ass off. Say what you will about the man’s policies, you can’t say he’s some slouch that’s going to occupy the Oval Office for four years and do nothing. Obama’s going to be a workhorse for this country and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes.

I have a Big Brothers/Big Sisters orientation tonight. I really want to volunteer my time, especially since monetary donations will likely be down next year.

Tomorrow night is the final Writing for Comics class. We’ll probably have it at a bar. Not sure if I’ll be coming back for another term.

As a Jets fan, I’m cautiously optimistic about our chances this season. I still don’t believe in the Bret Favre hype. With the line he has and the Jets’ defense doing what they’re doing Ryan Leaf would have this team in playoff contention. But if we make it to the playoffs I’ll be happy and if we make it to the Super Bowl I’ll shit my pants and if we win the Super Bowl I’ll be convinced that I actually did die in a Mexican bar back in 2003 and I’m now in heaven, a theory that I sometimes embrace when things seem to be going too well. No matter what happens this season I hope the Jets sign Cassel next year and Bret Favre ends up in San Francisco.

I guess that’s all. Content should be coming this week but no promises. I have plenty I want to write about but little time to write.

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Harveys/Writer's Center

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last night was the Harvey Awards, where Postcards was nominated for Best Anthology and Special Award for Excellence in Presentation. Popgun Volume 1 won best anthology and I'm just happy that Joe Keatinge was there to accept the award. The Harveys tend to host a sea of people watching proxies accept the awards they're losing because the winners never bother to show up, so it's nice to lose to someone who cared enough to be there. I pretty much expected Popgun to win - Harvey winners are determined by industry professionals and the two volumes of Popgun have stories from 85% of all comic professionals between them, it's hard to compete with that. EC Archives won for Special Award for Excellence in Presentation. I was really hoping to win that one but, if I didn't, I was more than willing to lose to Super Spy, The Annotated Northwest Passage, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The EC Archive books are nice to have, don't get me wrong, but they seem to be pretty standard reprint books. Oh well...oh, and, a proxy accepted the award.

It's all good - I got to sit at a table with Michael Golden and Ramona Fradon, Dean Haspiel gave a wonderful little speech about seeking out and meeting the golden-age legends, Brian Michael Bendis' keynote speech was funny, Scott Kurtz's jokes were on all night, and I chatted with NYT Best-Selling author Jeff Kinney . So, on the whole, a good night.

Today I'll be at the Bethesda Writer's Center, giving a reading from Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened and manning a display on comics and graphics novels from 12-5PM. Free wine and cheese will be at the event so feel free to pass by and say hi. I will be there promoting my Writing for Comics class that begins on Tuesday.

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Pitch, w/o Text

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hate sharing pitch-text with the masses before it's been accepted...but I'll show everything else.

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Sneak Peek

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A quick look at a little something that could turn into a big something.

And, yeah, that's me and Scott White in a modern-day Little Orphan Annie style.

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Sneak Peek

Friday, September 05, 2008

From upcoming Sam Cooke graphic novel written by Jason Rodriguez and Chris Stevens, art by Nate Powell

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New Site's Kind Of Done...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

...so, what the fuck have I been up to?

The drive to San Diego was incredible. Postcards lost at the Eisner's but I kind of half-expected to lose anyway. You can read all of my dispatches here, no point in rewriting it all.

I've been pitching. A lot. Waiting on some Sam Cooke pages - Nate Powell's pencils should be in the 'ole inbox soon. There's an old project getting kicked-up again that could also help me find the long-awaited second-life for Postcards II. Besides comics stuff I've also been pitching magazines. I'm doing a piece for Northern Virginia Magazine profiling independent bookstores in NoVa. I have a couple of pitches out to Slate, Rolling Stone, Writers' Digest, and Mad Magazine, as well.

There's also the day job keeing me busy. And wedding planning. We settled on a date (June 6th), a wedding hall, and a photographer. Moving on to DJ and caterer and I need to start getting the favor together since it'll require artists and a good chunk of lead-time.

And I have some new stuff for this site to keep it moving. I'm consolidating. No more MySpace, LiveJournal, EximiousPress, etc; It's all Jason Rodriguez Dot Com now.

Gotta go for now. Watching Thunderball with the lady.


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Old News

I guess the old "News" feed is the old Eximious Press site. So you can just get all of that here.

Eximious Press will be phased out - we're moving it all to JasonRodriguez.com now.


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Please ignore the mess

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're coming back bigger and better over the next couple of days. I'm consolidating everything onto this site. Daily posts, reviews, news, ramblings, stories, etc, etc, etc. I'm just getting the new template squared away, trying to make this look more like a one-stop shop than a run-of-the-mill blog and I'll be ready to go.

Also, there will be a well-organized Moose in the Closet archives, something many of you have asked for in the past.


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It's Eisner Voting Time

Monday, May 19, 2008

Comics professionals should head over to http://www.eisnervote.com and vote for this year’s Eisner recipients. I’m not going to beat around the bush – my book Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened has been nominated for Best Anthology and any votes that can be thrown my way would be appreciated. I really don’t want folks to blindly vote for the book, however – I want you to know what it’s about, see if it’s your thing, and, if so, give it a vote. Therefore I’m reposting all of the reviews and features with artwork or full-stories from the book. Give it a look if you have the time, pick up the book at your local comic shop, bookstore, or library if you feel so inclined, and then make up your mind.

1 – The first page of every story in Postcards
2 – Publisher’s Weekly preview of Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos’ Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang
3 – Comic Book Resources’ preview of Tom Beland’s Time

And in case you wanted to see some of our bigger reviews, head on over to USA Today, Daily Candy, Ain’t it Cool News, Bookslut , Washington Post, and the 2007 Kirkus Reviews’ Graphic Spotlight.

And then go vote in the Eisner’s. Even if you don’t vote for Postcards there are a still a lot of nominees that deserve your love.


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Well, that was a nice surprise.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I got the news of the nomination on Friday and I’ve been dying to talk about it. I told a few people, of course. My parents, Robin, and my friends Gennaro and Marcelo. Some of my DC Conspiracy crew. Some of the guys from the book. And I called up Tony Fleecs’ mom to tell her the good news, as well. Feel free to listen to that little exchange.

Oh, and I guess I also told Robin’s family. And some of the other people I’m currently working with on other projects. And I might have mentioned it to everyone that was sitting at a bar in Boston on Saturday. And Sunday. And a couple of my friends in DC. Like, all of them.

Ok, so I guess I didn’t really wait to talk about it. At least I didn’t post anything online.

But, look, I’m excited. I mean, really excited. This book started as a labor of love over two years ago. I got folks on-board quickly and they put a lot of energy into their stories. I put a lot of it together intending to self-publish it. Random House came along and picked it up but instead of simply handing it off I shook a lot of hands and did a lot of press and tried to get folks excited about this book.

It’s just nice, at the end of all that, to be nominated for the crème-de-la-crème of comic awards. I now know why people say it’s an honor to be nominated.

The other anthologies nominated this year are all top notch. Best American Comics, 24Seven, 5, and Mome. You know it’s a good year for anthologies when Popgun, Flight, and Hotwire Comix didn’t get a nomination. So, I’m honored – thanks to the judges and to all the folks that supported the book. See you all in San Diego!


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Writing for Comics at the Bethesda Writer's Center

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm on a panel this comic Tuesday to promote my Writing for Comics class at the Bethesda Writer's Center. Info below.

For Immediate Release


Panel 1

We’re at the Bethesda Writer’s Center (http://www.writer.org), America’s premier independent literary center. It’s 7:30PM on Tuesday, April 15th. Four panelists are sitting in front of a crowded auditorium. This is a promotional event for the Writer’s Center’s upcoming Writing for Comics 12-week course.

Panel 2

Tight on Matt Dembicki. He’s the artist and writer behind the Day Prize-nominated Mr. Big. He’s talking a bit about self-publishing your comic.

MATT: When you self-publish, you find you have the freedom to do your comic the way you want to do it. You’re your own editor.

Panel 3

Cut to political cartoonist Carlton Stoiber. He’s talking about balancing a day job while making comics.

CARLTON: I maintain a consulting practice on nuclear security and safety issues by day and create comics by night.

Panel 4

Chris Piers is standing up now. He’s talking about the challenges writers face when collaborating with artists.

CHRIS: If you’re trying to find an artist with a full script in hand, you’re probably too late.

Panel 5

It’s comic editor Jason Rodriguez’s turn to talk. He’s discussing the business of comics and how someone publishes their work in the current market.

JASON: There’re a lot of publishers out there looking for comics. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people looking for publishers.

Panel 6

Writer’s Center Executive Director and panel moderator Greg Robison’s giving his closing remarks.

GREG: We’d like to thank the generous grant from the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation. It’s paying for this panel and will also sponsor three high-school students looking to take this course. Contact the Writer’s Center for more information (postmaster@writer.org, 301-654-8664).


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Jason Rodriguez: The Danny DeVito of Comics

I have my title thanks to the New York Times.

And as an added bonus Gawker told me to go screw!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived!


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The Drunken Wine Critic: The Website

Friday, February 15, 2008

Completely smashed video and text reviews of the wines you could actually find in your local shop. Check it out, link it, love it, pass it around. Here's just a taste of what you should expect to see...

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Another new project

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A new year-long project designed specifically for the voyeur in you. I'll be recording every penny I spend, every calorie I consume, and every rep I do every single day for a full year (with commentary). The site is called Crunches. Tell your friends, if you'd like.


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Current TV Pod Now Online

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The wonderful folks at Current TV hooked me up with producer Gabe Uhr to make a short pod on POSTCARDS. I don't know its TV schedule yet and I'll be sure to fill you all in when I have that but, for now, you can view it online. Enjoy!

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POSTCARDS: Thinking of the May Party

Friday, September 14, 2007

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Where Am I?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

And what am I doing there? Here's the August 19th, 2007 update of where I am on the internet and why...

Blogs & Websites

JasonRodriguez.com - The old standby. This is where I occasionally tell autobiographical vignettes. There was a year-long period where I posted a story every Monday through Friday. I plan on making a "Favorites" page for that site over the next couple of days.

EximiousPress.com - The publishing site. Here's where I talk about my past, ongoing, and upcoming comic projects. If you want to know what I'm working on and what I have coming up next, that's where you should go.

PostcardsAnthology.com - The POSTCARDS website. Previews, press, links, a postcard museum, and more coming soon.

DC Conspiracy - The DC Comic Collective site. I used to publish a series of articles there - now I just tend to do any DC-centric stuff I come across.

My MySpace -Ramblings and observations, mainly.

POSTCARDS' MySpace - Blog postings and bulletins.

Flickr - Some comic stuff, some personal stuff.

GoodReads - Book reviews and recommendations.

Last.FM - Music stuff.

YouTube - I currently have some old home movies on there. I plan on posting a series of comic-centric video pods starting this week.

The Engine's Ning - It's sort of a combination of EximiousPress and my MySpace site.

LiveJournal - I mainly just use it to read and comment on other people's journals. I'll occasionally post the big All-Blog Announcements there.

Twitter - I love the site. I just neglect the hell out of it.

Facebook - Just getting started.

LibraryThing - Just getting started.

Creator Direct - I rarely post there, unfortunately. I keep saying I should post there more often.

Message Boards

Panel & Pixel - Rantz' new message board. I certainly dig it so far. Good folks talking good comics.

The Engine - Warren Ellis's message board. It's going away at the end of the month but it was fun while it lasted.

Jinxworld - Yes, I post at the Bendis Board. It's where I get a fair amount of my pop culture and comic news, honestly. And Cth's Weird Image threads are a great weekly treat.

Digital Webbing - I'll occasionally post in the Creator Community but I'm mainly there to look for any talented new artists trying to find a way. I mainly post there out of a sense of commitment - that was the message board I first started on, after all. It does seem like the conversations are incredibly cyclical there, however, and the number of people not learning drives me nuts.

Chuck Palahniuk's Comic & Graphic Novel forum - I like it there. I wish it was a bit more active, though.


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San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Trip Report

Monday, July 30, 2007

Also posted on the Eximious Press blog.

I have plenty of pictures up over here – go check them out. Report time…


I got into town at around noon. Robin and I took a cab to the Sofia Hotel. The Sofia was remodeled In January 2007 and it’s now a nice and swanky spot only seven blocks from the convention center and three blocks from Ralph’s. We ran into James W. Powell and Jason Copland at the hotel – it’s odd that out of all of the hotels in San Diego I book one at the same place that my assistant editor (James) and frequent collaborator (Jason) are in. It's even weirder that none of us even realized we were in the same place and that we showed up at the exact same time. San Diego Comic-Con may have had 140,000 attendees this year but it’s still a small world over there.

After checking in Robin and I went to Sea World. I don’t care if you laugh, I love Sea World. Love it. I can watch fish swim for hours (especially eels, barracudas, and sharks). I love how you can feed and touch the dolphins and the sting rays. I love how the park is owned by Anheuser-Busch and you can get free beers at the hospitality tent. You’re only allowed two per visit but you get around that by visiting the tent every hour or so.

After Sea World Robin went back to the hotel to take a nap and I went to the convention center to check out preview night. I went straight to the Random House booth to see what kind of press they had out for us. They had a nice poster up at the Villard section, a preview copy of the book, and a flyer advertising the four signings we head set up. I can’t complain about that.

I walked around the hall for a while. I dropped some books off with Gia-Bao Tran and the Gigantic Graphic Novel guys (Rick Spears and Rob G) to sell at their respective tables.

After the show I went out to dinner with a couple of folks: my fiancée, Robin, Josh Fialkov and his lovely fiancée (and POSTCARDS II history-editor) Christina Rice, POSTCARDS artist Tony Fleecs, screenwriters Marc Wheaton (THE MESSENGERS) and Gary Dauberman (DEADMAN), and Sam Cooke artist Rob Guillory and his wife, April. We went to a nice little Italian place.

We were going to head over to the Hyatt afterwards but first I had to take Tony to his hotel in Gary’s car. I rented a POSTCARDS Crash Room for anyone that didn’t have a place to stay and wanted to make sure that Tony could check it into it since he was the first one to use it. It took us close to twenty minutes to get to the hotel, the only street that passed by it was a one-way street that seconded as the off-ramp to a highway. By the time we returned Gary’s car it was already past eleven and we were about a half-mile from the Hyatt and tired. Robin, Tony, Gary, and I went out for some drinks closer to our hotels.

The first bar we went to was alright. We were attracted to the outdoor patio and then they closed it. Some Santana cover band was playing the wrong songs too loud inside the bar so we bolted. We went to some dive bar on Tony’s suggestion and it ended up being the greatest two hours of the convention by my recollection.

It was cheap, for starters. Two-dollar beers and well drinks all night, every night. The bartender was hysterical. When we commented on how cheap the beers were she proceeded to tell us the price of every drink behind the bar. She joked with us, made fun of us, took pictures with us. When someone came in with a big box of XL-or-larger restaurant shirts, she encouraged us to take them. Tony got it started, digging through the box and putting different shirts on. Eventually, everyone was wearing the free shirts. People would come through the door and we’d throw a shirt at them. Joshua Dysart comes in and I say, “Joshua! Where’s your shirt?” It was a drunken mess but a good mess.

Ralph’s, then hotel – Preview Night was over.


I had breakfast with Josh Fialkov and Christina Rice. While Josh and I talked about our futures, Christina read POSTCARDS. No joke – she cried, in front of us, after reading Phil Hester’s story. Anyway, I think several decisions where made over breakfast that’ll be playing out over the next several months.

Afterwards I went to the Horton Plaza mall to get some new sunglasses and hat – I already had mild sunburn on my bald patch from the trip to Sea World. Robin’s friend, Julie, flew into town while we were shopping and the three of us went to Old Town together from some lunch. We had some decent Mexican food and caught up a bit before heading out to the convention.

I had my first meeting of the show with Paul Benjamin, one of the writers for POSTCARDS II. I stacked most of them during Friday and Saturday (huge mistake – I’ll tell you why later). After the meeting I made my way to the Villard panel. It went well; I’d say about 60 people showed up. Kazu was insightful, as always, and Josh and I cracked jokes, mainly. The audience seemed to be entertained and at least four people came up to me and bought a book during one of my signings, mentioning that they loved the panel. Sales!

After the panel Josh and I walked around a bit before heading out to the Random House dinner. Good conversation and good food – horrible service, though. We were there for three hours, which is fine, but a lot of that time was spent waiting for stuff. Like drinks. And forks. But, hey, I’m not one to complain about a free meal – especially if it’s good.

We headed over to the Circle of Confusion party after that and met up with Gary, Tony, Mark, Christina, Robin, and Julie. There were too many people there to recount each and every one but I did run into POSTCARDS contributors Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos. It was a great party at any rate, and I took full advantage of the free booze and downed a combination of Red Bull-Vodkas, scotch, and beer before heading over to the Hyatt.

Being party night the Hyatt was kind of dead and I’m not going to complain about that. We met up with James Powell, Jason Copland, Caleb Monroe, Drew Melbourne, and Elton Pruitt and listened to Tony Fleecs tell stories all night. Tony can keep an audience attentive for hours on end – it makes me wish he’ll hurry up and get to IN MY LIFETIME #2.

The bar closed and Robin, Julie, and I went back to the hotel (after a trip to Ralph’s, of course). I was pretty sick but luckily the need to pass out was greater than the need to notice that the room was spinning.


I started my Friday with breakfast at the Marriott with Josh Fialkov, Christina Rice, Tony Fleecs, Mark Wheaton, Rob Guillory and wife, April, Kody Chamberlain, Phil Hester, Colleen Coover, and Paul Tobin. I got to check out Paul and Colleen’s newest graphic novel and it’s gorgeous. I headed out to get to my 10AM meeting. The convention, however, opened at 10:30 – making me a half-hour late and setting the precedent for late, missed, or canceled meetings. It’s great that there’re 140,000 people attending Comic-Con but those people make it impossible to keep a schedule. It’s my fault, really, scheduling so many back-to-backs, but it was still annoying.

Luckily I had nothing solid planned after the first meeting – I was still able to catch some of the Image Founders Panel. It was fun but definitely didn’t have the drama I was hoping for. It did make me appreciate Jim Lee more, however. His move to Image really shook the comic industry up. I can’t think of a single person working today that could have a similar impact on the comic industry by simply moving to an upstart company.

I had a couple of short meetings before my Random House signing with Josh Fialkov. We sold a couple of books, signed them nice, and then went our separate ways. I had lunch with James Powell and Christina Rice at Dick’s Last Resort. We talked about POSTCARDS II – where we stood and the way forward. There’s work to be done, folks. Lots of it.

Lunch ended early and I had forty minutes of downtime. I sat in the convention lobby and started to read PULP HOPE. It’s not the kind of book you read while burnt out and in a noisy convention center so I just salivated over the gorgeous artwork.

After the quick break I went to Comic Relief for another POSTCARDS signing. We had Tom Beland, Jason Copland, Micah Farritor, Antony Johnston, Ande Parks, Rick Spears, Rob G, Gia-Bao Tran, Matt Kindt, and Joseph Bergin III all signings books. A couple of folks bought some books, a couple of folks brought their own, and I had the crew sign a box of books I’ll be using for promotion. There wasn’t as many people as I would have liked but it wasn’t horrible, at least.

After the signing I went out for a quiet dinner with Robin and Julie. We went back to the hotel and waited for my friend PJ to show up. PJ’s a college buddy, now in LA, working for DreamWorks Animation. The four of us went straight to the Hyatt where we drank all night. Tony told stories, again, and the whispered discussion amongst me and several friends revolved around an interesting turn or events from the day before and what I should do about it. The answer was, essentially, “get paper” but everyone had a different idea as to how said paper would be getted.

I also introduced myself to Frank Miller that evening. Gary Dauberman and I walked up to Mr. Miller and his entourage…it seems like he has a bodyguard these days, by the way. Shook Frank’s hand – he smiled and said, “Nice to meet you.” When we started telling him what we did his eyes glassed over…I don’t know, you’d think the fact that Gary’s writing DEADMAN for Warner Brothers and working with Guillermo Del Toro would at least be interesting to him. I guess he’s just too Hollywood for us.

Ralph’s and then the hotel, as per usual.


Breakfast with Josh Fialkov, Phil Hester, and some guys from Harris comics. After breakfast I went back to the hotel room and napped until 12:30, canceling two meetings because it just wasn’t worth trying to fight the crowd. The cancelled parties had no objections, and we agreed to chat at the Hyatt Saturday night. Comic-Con had already worn me down.

Signed at the Random House booth with Phil Hester for an hour. It went well; we sold some books and met some cool folks. Robin and Julie came to the convention afterwards and the three of us walked around – this was my first and only time really taking it all in. I picked up THE HOMELESS CHANNEL, BLACK METAL, SUPER SPY, and the absolute best find of the show. Let me explain…

Matt Kindt made signed-and-numbered, limited-edition Super Spy mini-comics called THE TREASURE. The comic is 70-some-odd panels long and each panel is on a piece of paper and placed into a hand-made box. Also in the box is a treasure map that tells you how to position the panels so you can read the entire story. The box is tied up and Matt put a little sketch on the back. Ten bucks.


If you didn’t buy it you really missed out.

At 2PM we had our second POSTCARDS signing at Comic Relief. This time is was Michael Gaydos, Stuart Moore, Phil Hester, Matt Kindt, Josh Fialkov, Tom Beland, James Powell, and Tony Fleecs. Much better turn out this time and we helped Comic Relief go through a chunk of their stock. I also got to meet up with an editor at NPR and talk to her a bit about the book. She seemed interested so even if it doesn’t get on the radio it’s nice to know it had a chance.

We went to dinner with around 14 folks afterwards, the usual crew – Chinese food. The crispy duck was delicious. One final romp at the Hyatt and I only spent an hours there before making my rounds and saying goodbye to everyone. I became really good at goodbyes – you just need to get in there, shake the hand, and run off before they can stop you. Josh started an hour before me and I caught up to him in the corridor in-between the two bars. Twenty minutes later I finished up the second bar and then I was gone. Just the hotel – no Ralph’s. Robin and I had the room to ourselves Saturday night, after all.


Breakfast, packing, cab to the airport, and a comfortable flight to Chicago that allowed me to finish Harry Potter and sleep – two great things. An hour delay in Chicago, thirty minutes on the tarmac in DC, half hour waiting for our luggage, and another twenty minutes waiting for a taxi, however, got me home a little past 2AM. So – a horrible ending to a great week.

In case you want to see what Robin’s signed copy of POSTCARDS looks like, here you go:

I know you wish you want one…luckily I have ten more just like it:

I’m going to start giving them out on this website every month-to-six weeks or so. First one this week sometime. Keep your eyes open for any upcoming promotions.

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POSTCARDS Launch Day and SDCC Events!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

POSTCARDS: TRUE STORIES THAT NEVER HAPPENED, a new anthology featuring 16-stories inspired by editor Jason Rodriguez’s collection of used, antique postcards, hits shelves on July 24th, 2007. The book (published by Villard, a division of the Random House Publishing Group) features tales of romance, adventure, mystery, and heartbreak from some of comics’ most-celebrated creators including: Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, & Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Stuart Moore & Michael Gaydos, Tom Beland, Antony Johnston & Noel Tuazon, Ande Parks & Joseph Bergin III, Rick Spears & Rob G, Joshua Hale Fialkov & Micah Farritor, and more!

On Tuesday, July 24th, Jason Rodriguez and artist Danielle Corsetto will be signing at Olsson’s Books in Dupont Circle, Washington DC, at 7PM. There will be a bit of a gallery show and Jason will talk about the genesis of the project and share some of his favorite postcards.


Thursday, July 26th. 5 – 6PM. Jason Rodriguez will be representing POSTCARDS at the Villard Panel. Also at the panel will be Joshua Hale Fialkov (ELK’S RUN), Kazu Kibuishi (FLIGHT), Mike Knapp & Vincent Nguyen (OUT OF PICTURE), and Villard editors Chris Schluep & Dallas Middaugh. Room 10.

Friday, July 27th. 1 – 2PM. Jason Rodriguez will be signing at the Villard/Random House Booth (#1135) along with POSTCARDS contributor and ELK’S RUN scribe Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Friday, July 27th. 5 – 6PM. Big signing at the Comic Relief booth (#1514-1523)! Come on by, pick up a copy of POSTCARDS, and get it signed by: Antony Johnston, Tom Beland, Ande Parks, Joseph Bergin III, Rick Spears, Rob G, Gia-Bao Tran, Matt Kindt, Jason Copland, and Jason Rodriguez!

Saturday, July 28th. 1 – 2PM. Jason Rodriguez will be signing at the Villard/Random House Booth (#1135) along with POSTCARDS contributor and writer/illustrator extraordinaire Phil Hester.

Saturday, July 28th. 4 – 6PM. Another big signing at the Comic Relief booth (#1514-1523)! Get your copy of POSTCARDS signed by: Antony Johnston (4-5PM), Phil Hester (5-6PM), Stuart Moore, Michael Gaydos, Robert Tinnell, Joshua Hale Fialkov (4-5PM), Jason Hanley (5-6PM), Micah Farritor, James Powell, Tony Fleecs, and Jason Rodriguez!

Saturday, July 28th. 7 – 9 PM. There will be three POSTCARDS-related items up for bid at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s auction (Room 8). You can get a copy of POSTCARDS signed by the majority of the creators in the book, a page from Stuart Moore & Michael Gaydos’ “Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang”, a page from Chris Stevens & Gia-Bao Tran’s “Blue”, and a page from Neil Kleid & Jake Allen’s “Intersections”. You can view these items and more at: http://cbldf.safeshopper.com/21/cat21.htm?324

We have more local events lining up after SDCC so keep your eyes peeled for anything happening in your town. Hope to see most of you in DC or SD!

Jason Rodriguez

PS – Wish You Were Here!

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Two weeks to go

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened comes out in two weeks!

I've been updating the Eximious Press blog with reviews and release events. If you live in or around Washington DC, I'll be having a launch party BBQ on the 21st and a signing at Olsson's in Dupont Circle on the 24th. On the 25th it's off to San Diego Comic-Con. I'll be on the Random House panel on Thursday the 26th at 5PM (Room 10). On the 27th, most likely, we're going to have a signing at Comic Relief's booth - at least ten creators from the book will be present. We'll also a signing at the Random House booth on the 27th and the 28th, most likely. We're also donating several items to CBLDF for their charity auction, most-likely including a super-signed copy of the book and original pages from Gia-Bao Tran, Michael Gaydos, and Jake Allen.

That's my schedule for now. There's been a ton of press so far (Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Ain't it Cool News, Bookslut, Library Journal Express, etc) and we have more press pieces coming up, including a lengthy interview in The Washington Post Express.

A lot of the creators are planning their own signings and I'll post that info as I get it.

Support your local comic shop, of course. If you’re not a comic shop kind of guy or gal, support your local independent bookstore or graphic novel friendly chain bookstore. If you’re an “ease of the internet” kind of person you can order the book with one click on Amazon.com.

Two weeks left – get ready for it.

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Happy Fourth. Here's Your Gift

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Voice. Along with Tom Beland, Robert Tinnell, and James W. Powell. On Cindy Center. I'm listening to it now, it came out good.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You can find out what's next on the new Eximous Press website. I'm going to be porting all of the old production blog posts over there and cross-posting all book-related posts in the future. So, if you prefer that site over MySpace, update your bookmarks. That site will also feature all of the information on future projects as well as essays on comic book editing, writing and producing.

So go check it out - the site will be updated frequently.


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POSTCARDS Delayed and Other Great News

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three weeks. July 17th is the new release date.

This is great news for the book, obviously. You see - now we're going head-to-head with Harry Potter. This way, when Postcards gets crowned the number one book of the year, none of you nay-sayers can say things like, "Oh! But Postcards had a three week head start!"

We're starting at the same time. No handicap. J.K. must be quaking in her muggle boots. People are going to be showing up for their Harry Potter midnight launch party to see the Postcards display and say, "Oh! Postcards came out? I only have twenty bucks on me...next time, Harry, I promise."

It will be a glorious victory. One talked about for many years to come.

Ok, seriously. If anyone can provide me with proof that they went into their bookstore during a Harry Potter Midnight Launch Party and asked for/buys Postcards, I'll make sure that one of my creators gets a sketch postcard mailed out to you or we get you a signed book or something. You can still buy Harry Potter, but if your receipt says Postcards or if you go ahead and make a little film of yourself raising a ruckus because your bookstore doesn't have any Postcards for its Postcards Midnight Launch Party, I will find a way to get something cool to you.


Please spread the word, too. I think this could be fun…


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Ask me anything

Friday, May 18, 2007

Some Postcards creators and I are doing a podcast for cIndyCenter.com and they're taking questions for us here. You don't even need to sign up so, you know, go put some questions up. They're recording the podcast at 9PM Monday so go there now. NOW!


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The Recap

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April has been one hell of a month. In case you missed anything, here’s EVERYTHING…

Chris Stevens and GB Tran talk “Blue”
Antony Johnston talks “Best Side Out”
Matt Dembicki and Jason Copland talk “Send Louis His Underwear”
Phil Hester talks “A Joyous Eastertide”
Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos talk “Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang”

Comic Book Resources
Rick Spears & Rob G talk “Operation Torch”
Ande Parks talks “Taken on Faith”
Robert Tinnell talks “The Midnight Caller’s Holiday in Hades”
Matt Kindt talks about working with Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner on “The History of a Marriage”
Tom Beland talks “Time” and we show the complete story

Jason Rodriguez interviewed on Newsarama

Jason Rodriguez interviewed on Comics in the Classroom

The Postcards contest had a couple of lucky winners

The Promote Page is launched

The List is launched

We got mentions or press releases posted on the following websites: Comics Worth Reading, The Beat, Journalista, Comics Should be Good, Comics DC, Beer & Meat, Chasing Ray, Neilalien, Comics Curmudgeon, Comic Pants, The Comics Reporter, Antihero Comics, almost all of the creator’s sites, and a surprising number of foreign sites that I can’t read.

Also this month: I got a coconut, a postcard mailed to Elizabeth Taylor, a gift from the Bathtub Museum, and a blurb from Frank Warren (and I got to meet him, too).

And, in case you haven’t realized this, we showed a total of 31 pages of art with all of the above press.

Some of you received postcards from me, mailed to your shop. Some of them had me saying “hey” and some of them had sketches like these or these.

So, what comes next? We all worked really hard this week to show you that Postcards is going to be FANTASTIC. What you need to do tomorrow, when you go into your comic store to pick up your weekly books, is say to your retailer (or feel free to print these out, if you don't want to write it down):

Can you please order me a copy of Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened? It’s in Previews, page 368, under Villard Books. Order # APR074039. In case you order your graphic novels from another distributor, the ISBN # is 034549850X. Thank you.

If you don’t have a comic store near you, go to your local bookstore and say:

Can you please order me a copy of Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened? It’s being published by Villard Books and its ISBN # is 034549850X. Thank you.

If you don’t feel like supporting your community, I won’t chastise you this time. I’ll just tell you to go and pre-order the book on Amazon.

Thanks for those that listened, thanks for the support, and spread the word.


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Story coming this week

Monday, April 16, 2007

Promise. Until then, enjoy scenes from a drunken DCC gathering.

Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge
Scriptless Flickr Badge


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New projects - looking for new people

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Over the next couple of months I'm going to starting a couple of new projects and I'm looking to find some new creators whose work I may not be familiar with.

There's Postcards II, obviously. I think that'll be starting by the end of April. It'll be bigger than Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, I'm thinking 20 stories, and I already have some great people signing up. In case you don't know - the first volume of Postcards is coming June 26 from Villard Books, a division of Random House. It features 16 stories inspired by used postcards, told by 30 creators including Harvey Pekar & Joyce Brabner, Phil Hester, and Tom Beland. A full list of creators can be found on the website (linked above). The second volume will focus solely on pre-1920 California-based postcards. We have a history editor on board, Christina Rice, who specializes in early California history (she works at the history department at LA County Library).

I'm going to be taking on the editing chores for a real fun sci-fi project. It's sort of Bladerunner meets Brave New World. Full-color, I want to start pitching it around this con season. I read the draft and realized that this piece needs to be out there.

I'm thinking of kicking up my baseball project again. I've been getting a little interest in it so maybe I should revisit it while I still have Postcards Juice.

I'm sort of taking a more active interest in James W. Powell's anthology he's putting together. James is my assistant editor on Postcards and he seems to be getting some good people interested in his book and the stories are looking pretty good. It's a mixture of cartoonists and essays with spot-illustrations entitled "Dear Santa, Let Me Explain..." I'm writing an essay for it, but I'm putting this out there in case anyone wants to talk to James.

I'm 95% ready to start the Sam Cooke book but I think we have that one stitched up.

So - I'm just looking to say "hi" to folks who are looking to say "hi" to me. So, hi.


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The Postcard Push: Week 2

Monday, April 09, 2007

We're doing ok, but we could doing a lot better:

Posts that contain "Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened" per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart

The Postcards Push has to keep on pushing, and in order to do that, I need all of you to keep on buzzing. Spread the word. Blog posts, message boards, MySpace, LiveJournal, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Friendster - make use of the Promote Page - talk up the contest.

Let's get people talking about this book!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Friends, fellow creators, fans of all things comics...

Today starts the big Postcards Push. Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened is currently in Previews (Villard Books, Order # APR074039) and I was never one to ignore the direct market. So, I need to get people buzzing around this book, and this email will tell you how you can help.

First, Postcards is a collection of 16 stories inspired by used, antique postcards I've collected over the years. It features work by some of the top talents in comics today, including stories from Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, and Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Tom Beland, Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos, and Rick Spears and Rob G. You can get a complete list of stories, creators, and bios at the official website. Just click on "Stories & Creators."

Ok, promotion...

I put a handy-dandy "Promote" page on the website. On that page you'll find wallpapers to spruce up your desktop, banners for your website, badges that make great avatars, and 8 different handouts (for significant others, mothers, comic shops, bookstores, librarians, teachers, congress(wo)men, and complete strangers) that you can print, clip, and distribute as you see fit.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will be sending out a press release that'll launch a very fun contest where the winner will receive an original page from Stuart Moore (Earthlight, Detective Comics, New Avengers/Transformers) and Michael Gaydos' (Snakewoman, Alias, The Pulse) story, "Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang." The details of the contest can be read here. Essentially, entrants are asked to read a 98-year-old used postcard and tell me the story they see behind it. The winner will be announced April 20th and the artwork will be professionally framed.

You can send someone an e-Postcard here. It's fun, it's easy, and there's a picture of a mule saying, "Hello Pal." What more could you want?

Starting April 2nd, there will be a series of five conversations posted on blog@newsarama. These came out really well; the creators involved with Postcards have given great insight into their process and motivations. Please check them out. If you like them, link to them. We will be posting conversations with five different creators at CBR either the following week or the week after.

If you have any local newspapers that may be interested in reviewing or featuring Postcards, or doing interviews with me or any of the creators, please let me know.

And, finally, Postcards is on MySpace. So friend us up, subscribe to the blog, leave some comments - whatever you like to do when you're on MySpace.

That's it for now. Any questions, comments, concerns, interview requests, or requests for review copies can be sent my way. Hate mail, death threats, or lawsuits can be addressed to James W. Powell, my right-hand man.

Thanks! Jason Rodriguez


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Postcards! Elk's Run! Buy My Books!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When you go to your comic shop today, make sure you tell them to order a copy of Postcards! It's currently being solicited in Previews, order # APR074039. I'm going to make some handy-dandy order forms you can hand to your retailer later tonight.

If you don't go to comic shops, you can still pre-order Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened on Amazon (or go to your local B&N and request a copy).

We have lots of great stuff coming up. A contest where you can win some original art from the book, published conversations with creators from the book to be featured at Blog@Newsarama and CBR, plus plenty of other interviews and features in the works.

So, that's Postcards. Elk's Run is in bookstores RIGHT NOW. It'll be in comic shops NEXT WEEK. I got my copy yesterday - it's gorgeous. Despite the fact that I edited this book, and was intimately involved with the material, I gave it a reread and I have to say, it rocks. It's nice revisiting a book months after you completed it and realizing it's really as good as you've been saying it is. Elk's Run is also available on Amazon, if you want to be lazy about it.

And that's that. Buy my books!


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POSTCARDS Acquired by Villard

Monday, February 05, 2007

My newest anthology project, Postcards, has been acquired by Villard, a division of the Random House Publishing Group. Postcards is a collection of 16 stories inspired by used, antique postcards I've collected over the years. The book should be hitting stores late June and features work from 30 different creators including Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, Phil Hester, Tom Beland, Stuart Moore, Michael Gaydos, Antony Johnston, and Josh Fialkov.

The release can be read here. I'd like to add that you can read more about the anthology at its website.


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Reminder: Counter Culture Festival Saturday January 27th

Friday, January 19, 2007

We have the artists ready to go and the bands ready to play. 4PM-Midnight (or later) at Dr. Dremo’s, Saturday January 27th. 4-7/8PM for selling, fifteen minutes of belly dancing from Belladonna, and 8PM-Midnight for music, dancing and drinking. We’ll be set-up in the back but likely spilling over to the main bar. We’ll be selling original art, comics, novellas, crafts, fashions, CDs, and prints. You can check us out on our MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/counterculturefestival), DC Conspiracy Website (http://www.dcconspiracy.com/events.htm), and in this Sunday’s Washington Post Sunday Source. We’ll also be teaming up with FLUX: An Art Sensory Overload (www.myspace.com/artoutlet). They’ll be set up a couple of blocks away at the Danville Body Shop, 1415 N. Danville Street in Arlington, VA 22201. Between the two shows you’ll get all of the art, music, food, and drink you could possibly need on a Saturday night.

Our bands…

Death by Sexy: http://www.myspace.com/deathbysexy

Schaffer the Darklord: http://www.myspace.com/schafferthedarklord

American Sinner: http://www.myspace.com/americansinner

The Cutest Puppy in the World: http://www.myspace.com/thecutestpuppyintheworld

Our guests will include…

Michael Auger: http://www.arty4ever.com

Beth Baldwin: http://www.bethb.net/

Tina Henry Barrus: http://www.ilikeseamonsters.com/

Jeff Barrus

Carolyn Belefski: http://www.curls-studio.com

Andrew Cohen

Jared Davis – http://www.Artbyjared.com

Matt Dembicki: http://www.waspcomics.com

Anthony Dihle: http://www.ant-hive.com/dirtypictures/

Steven Gellman: www.hiddenpoet.com

Dottie L. Guy: http://dottiebobottie.blogspot.com

Raina Hassan: http://goshdarnknit.com/

Sean Hennesey: http://www.wheresmycoffee.com


Evan Keeling: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dcconspiracy/ataxia_overdrive/toc.php

Sakura Kitty: http://www.sakurakittycreatives.etsy.com

Molly Lawless: http://sleepwalkercomic.blogspot.com/

Patrick Lewis

Melinda McGhee

Steven Noppenberger: www.angrydogpress.net

Chris Piers: http://www.tabloidcowboy.com/gallery

Jason Rodriguez: http://www.postcardsanthology.com

R.M. Rhodes

S. Shoup: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dcconspiracy/poehouse/series.php

Scott White: http://www.myspace.com/scottdwhite

Jon Wye: http://www.jonwye.com

Hope to see you all there!


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I’m going back to DAILY!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I’m going back to daily for the holidays. Starting tomorrow and through the 22nd of December I’ll be posting a new story every Monday through Friday. Each of the 22 stories will tell you all a little something I’m thankful for. I think that’ll make up for my laziness with this blog as of late.

I hope you all enjoy…


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Checking in

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm a douche, huh?

Postcards has been keeping me very busy - there's some big news coming soon so maybe that'll make some of your folks go, "Ohhhhh." Maybe not. But I do want to tell stories here, again, soon, I just haven't had the time. Here's my SPX wrap-up, though, if you're interested:

SPX Post-Game Show

Friday I left work at around 5 and hopped the train to White Flint so I can start my weekend of SPX fun.

The new venue was interesting. It was bigger, brighter, noisier - it didn't feel as intimate and swanky as the old venue. But I found myself running into a lot more people and that's always nice.

The dinner situation was a nightmare, though. Unless you wanted fast food you need to drive to get some grub. Friday night I went out with some DC Conspiracy folks - we ended up driving to a TGIFridays that was way too crowded so we ended up going to Ruby Tuesday's. At the old venue, there were several amazing non-franchise restaurants within a couple of blocks of the hotels. So, that part was annoying.

Got back to the hotel and hung at the bar. Talked baseball with Rob G while the Mets got their asses kicked. Headed home on the metro - the train ride was long, I was drunk, and it made me really want to get a new car.

Saturday I got a ride to the expo with Carlton and (local cartoonist) Molly - it was Molly's first SPX so I wanted to show her around a bit. I got to walk around, so some shopping - got to chat with Postcards creators who were on-hand: Gia-Bao Tran, Danielle Corsetto, Rick Spears, Rob G, Chris Stevens, and Matt Dembicki.

Bought some great books. I've read PulpHope, The Beast Mother, and most of Project: Romantic so far and haven't felt the sting of buyers remorse. I purchased Hellcity and Pirates of Coney Island, there were several minis I've purchased but their names are escaping me at the moment.

Saturday night I went to On the Border with Chris Stevens, Farel Dalrymple, Jason Lex, and Stephen Gilpin - had some chicken tacos and one-too-many margaritas. Came back and hung at the hotel bar for a little bit before catching a ride home with Evan. I was in a bit of a sour mood by the end of the night despite avoiding the Mets game like the plague from the moment it became 5-0.

* Getting to see so many Postcards folks
* A long conversation with Chris Stevens and Bob Schreck
* Dinner on Saturday with people much more creative than I am
* Finding my cell phone
* Lady at the bar poured me a huge glass of Johnnie Red
* A decent amount of free books passed my way. I can't wait to read them all

* Taking the metro home Friday night. I need to do something about my current car situation
* Losing my cell phone
* Robin being busy both days - she'd like SPX

Best pitch:
* The Beast Mother didn't even need a pitch, it had an amazing cover. I handed over my money without saying much of anything.

Worst pitch (TIE!)
* Someone told me that I should buy their book because two years ago they reinvented comic-book marketing. I never heard of the book, though.
* A guy whom I've spoken to online, after holding my hand out and saying, "I'm Jason Rodriguez, nice to meet you - you having a good show?" responded, "It'll be better if you buy my comic." Didn't shake my hand, by the way. I just walked away.

I don't know - you'd think a guy who's had his book pulled from Diamond, and lost Small-Press Idol in the first round and never got invited to the pitch round of Platinum Studios Contest would learn how to, you know, network and sell his books. Guess not.

How did I unwind? A nice, long bike ride on Sunday. Georgetown to Bethesda. Stopped at Fletcher's Boat House on the way back and read some comics while sitting along the Potomac.


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POSTCARDS on All The Rage

Monday, September 04, 2006

It gets a "Most Original Project Of The Year!" Factor of ten out of ten. Check it out.

There's a story coming tomorrow, by the way.


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POSTCARDS is Bringing the Postcard Back

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Between July 1st, 1907 and June 30th, 1908 there were close to 700-million postcards mailed within the United States alone – approximately 8 postcards for each individual living here. This was the Golden Age of Postcards. The low postage and improvements in printing technology made postcards a very simple, attractive, and cost-effective form of communication.

What we’re left with now is thousands-upon-thousands of dusty shoeboxes filled with 25-cent postcards in antique shops across the country. Pieces of peoples’ lives – talks of quarantines, wars, sickly mothers, and secret admirers occasionally being shuffled through but often discarded by collectors because they’re in “bad shape”.

We’ve moved to email. Shaping pixels on a screen with no personality – spell-checks catch our mistakes – communication is instant and free, allowing for meaningful conversation along the lines of:

Jason –
- Josh

POSTCARDS wants to bring the postcard back. A 160-page anthology produced and edited by Jason Rodriguez (coedited by James W. Powell), POSTCARDS tells stories inspired by these glimpses into a person’s life. Why did the mysterious “E” brave a quarantine to see his friend Elmer? Did Earl Shafer ever return from World War II? Did Anna really marry a man with a 12-year-old son, as her cousin suspected? An all-star line-up, including Harvey Pekar, Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Tom Beland, Stuart Moore, Michael Gaydos, Josh Fialkov, Ande Parks, Rick Spears & Rob G, Robert Tinnell, Neil Kleid, Antony Johnston, and Noel Tuazon, have set out to answer these questions and more.

POSTCARDS is set to be released July 2007, but we can’t wait that long to bring the postcard back. We want your postcards. We want a glimpse into your life. If you have something you want to tell us about yourself, please send a postcard to:

Jason Rodriguez
P.O. Box 17851
Arlington, VA 22201

Include an email address on the card – if something catches our eye we may be asking for permission to post it on the POSTCARDS MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/AllYouLeave) or Production Blog (http://www.allyouleave.com). If something really gets us excited we may even ask for permission to feature it within a future volume of POSTCARDS. Also, feel free to include your return address – you might get a reply postcard from someone in the book with a little bit about their life or even a sketch.

So pick out some fun postcards and get to writing - purchase proper postage (that’s 24-cents, in case you haven't mailed a postcard within the last couple of decades) - send us a postcard. Send a postcard to your mother or your boyfriend or your friend from college while you're at it.

Help us bring the postcard back.


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Postcard Banners

Friday, August 11, 2006

Show your support on message boards, personal sites, your blog - anywhere on the web, really, with the first 6 (of 16) Postcards Banners. Feel free to hotlink them direct from my website and make them link back to http://www.allyouleave.com.


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Elk's Run Pre-Order!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Now on Amazon, pre-order the book that's been nominated for seven Harvey Awards. The 8-issue collection coming from Villard, a division of Random House, for only $12.97!

Elk's Run Pre-Order!


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Postcards on MySpace

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I know, you guys want a story - one's coming. It's juicy. For now...

Finally took the plunge. Go join the Postcards MySpace Group.


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For your consideration...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tomorrow is the deadline for Harvey Ballots. You've helped Elk's Run gather 7 Harvey Noms - we're asking you to help us take one home with us. Here's the final Harvey ballot. Check us off and mail it in to pjcjmc3 @ sbcglobal . net . Thanks!


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Empty Chamber

Monday, July 10, 2006

I haven't updated in a while - apologies. Been busy, I'll have some new stuff up here this week, though.

I did want to direct you all to A. David Lewis (writer of the Harvey Nominated Lone & Level Sands - one of my favorite books from last year) and Jason Copland's Empty Chamber preview on Newsarama. The book looks fantastic and I've been following it's development for over a year.

Go check it out and order the book.


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Comic Book Resources publishes the first of a series of features on POSTCARDS, a 168-page anthology I'm putting together for 2007 release. Go check it out. If you want a further bribe to check it out, here's some preview art:

I got my first pages yesterday from Matt Kindt. Everything's looking great.


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Monday, June 05, 2006

Villard, a division of Random House.

Having fun in Cleveland - just checking in.


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Checking In

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sorry for the lack of new stories, folks. I've been kind of busy. We have a deadline approaching for ELK'S RUN that's been keeping me busy, combined with POSTCARDS. There're going to be some announcement coming soon that are going to make heads fucking spin.

So, keep with it. The Live Journal (link to the right) is being updated time and again, there's a feature for POSTCARDS going up on CBR this week (maybe even today). All will be explained, soon. So sit tight.

I also found out the story I planned on posting today - well - it can get me in trouble. So I need to tone it down a bit.


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Just Comic Stuff

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sat down to watch my first Mets’ game of the season only to realize it’s blacked out because Baltimore’s asshole owner, Peter Angelos, continues to block Nationals’ games from playing in DC if the Orioles are playing at the same time. The real kick in the ass? I pay extra for MLB Extra Innings only to have the one game I want to watch tonight blacked out. And the kick in the ass times two? I’m going to an Orioles game on Saturday and supporting that piece of shit Angelos. Even though I’ll be cheering for the Sox, I still feel empty inside.

Seriously, how can Major League Baseball allow this?

Anyway, comics, right? That’s all we’re talking today, I'm spent after Tuesday’s horribly racist post.

There’s a new Hive going up today, part 2 (of 3) of The Neighborhood. Go check it out.

Neil Kleid is going into pimp mode with URSA MINOR – Tom, Dick & Harry running around in high-tech robotic bear suits. You can’t go wrong with that premise. Available through Slave Labor Graphics, there’s a free preview up on their site.

Remember last Thursday when I was agonizing over this one guy that would be a dream come true to have in the book but I was “90% sure” would not contribute to POSTCARDS? Well, now I’m agonizing over what artist to pair him with. You can congratulate me now and thank me when you read his story.

I’m not going to go through the Eisner list and pick who I think will win but big, public, congratulations goes out to Tom Beland. I remember spying his threads on the Bendis Board when he was talking about how difficult it was to sell TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD and now here he is with two nominations. Make good comics and keep pushing them out, eventually people are going to notice.

I’d also like to include Bob Tinnell on the public congrats list – Bob was consulting me early on with POSTCARDS, telling me stories about his own experiences marketing FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES outside of the DM. He gets the Eisner nod and deserves it, it’s a fantastic book. (Excuse me, I mean it’s a fantastic food memoir.)

Speaking of Eisner’s, you have to have respect for Warren Ellis. In a time of bogus press releases, PR reps for a guy with one book out and people pushing a positive review from some cat on a message board named batmanbitches03, one of the most commanding comic writers working today can humbly lay it out like this:

“Anyway, I got around to looking at the list five mins ago. Any year in which Chris Ware, Alan Moore & Grant Morrison are working is a year in which I may as well not be there. I can ignore this whole thing now.”

After receiving six nominations that he deserved regardless of who else is in the running. Either way I think congrats are in order, to Ellis and all the other guys and girls who got nominations and a “fuck the Eisner’s” to everyone who should have gotten a nomination but didn’t (I mean, seriously, did DC just forget to send in THE QUITTER?).

Speaking of Eisner’s, we weren’t nominated. But, you know, BAM! (I’ll come back in a couple of weeks and update that “BAM” so that it links to something.)

Tony Fleecs sent me a PDF of his new book IN MY LIFETIME and it’s fucking fabulous – just a gorgeous autobiographical book with some phenomenal storytelling. Silent Devil’s putting it out, between IN MY LIFETIME, DEATH COMES TO DILLINGER and some of the rumblings I’m hearing amongst friends I’m finding myself feeling pretty stupid for breaking on SD all the time.

Chip Zdarsky’s ACT-I-VATE contribution is worth worshipping. Dean Trippe also joined up with Wave Two and he’s one of my favorite illustrators coming up today.

I think that's it. Have a good weekend and watch out for Dominicans.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had an interesting phone call last night – hoping something amazing comes of it. Should have some more information by tonight, potentially on one more thing as well. Both really big things – huge. Like, bigger than big. I was talking to Josh last night and asked him to guess who may be interested in POSTCARDS – he wasn’t even remotely prepared for the response. I still don’t even believe it. I’ll leave it at that because, honestly, too good to be true which means there’s no fucking way that this is going to happen and I’m ok with that, I never expected this to even be an option. It’ll make for a fun story on the production blog one day, however.

How’s that for cryptic?

I think my email’s down, by the way – or at least not working all that well. Anyone try to email me over the last week and never get a response from me? I realize the whole “email isn’t working thing” is paranoia 90% of the time but I sent an email to myself and never got it, plus I was never notified of some message board posts – this is a really bad time to email to be acting-up.

I don’t have much to talk about today – if you’re dying to read something I wrote go check out my post over at the POSTCARDS Production Blog – all about the first time I pitched the project and what led up to it. I hope to announce my first team by the end of the week, by the way – there’re two teams I can 100% announce but I don’t think they’ll be huge surprises so I’m holding out to square things up with another team. Plus, if the things that may be coming together this week end up coming together – well, they’re the first announcements.

Sometimes it’s better to hold out, you know?

Anyway, just bouncing in for now. I’ll have something new on the POSTCARDS Production Blog tomorrow for your reading pleasure.


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Just comic stuff

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have so many secrets I’m sitting on right now that it’s fucking me up. Seriously.

One secret is so secret that I can’t even hint what the secret has to do with. It’s just too big. I didn’t even tell Robin the secret and she could care less about comics.

There are 8 more secrets that I can technically hint about a little bit. You see, I have this book I’m putting together and I drop little bits of information about it every so often on this site. The plan is to announce the book on the 23rd, along with my new Hive column. Well, I’m going to spill a little bit – it’s an anthology and there’s room for 13 teams within it. I’ve staffed 8 so far and every team came off of my “if I can have anybody, who’d it be” list.

The book has legs – and it knows how to use them. I’m retarded psyched.

Secrets, man. Too many secrets.

I don’t really talk comics much around here – I don’t run a review site, I’m not good at giving reviews, I don’t have the time necessary to make myself seem intelligent and pretentious enough to lay down a strong review. Not my thing, you know what I mean? I’ll say what comics I like occasionally (read BROWNSVILLE this weekend, for instance, great book – worth buying, 18-bucks for a hardcover is choice, too) and which ones didn’t get me going (like GODLAND, for instance – read the first trade this weekend. I “got” it, I know what it wanted to be, but I just didn’t really care much. It was an entertaining read but I don’t see myself buying the second trade). I’ll give the occasional plug for a book that doesn’t get enough attention, like Jobnik! #2 which I finally read this weekend and watched the story and technique improve by leaps and bounds. But sometimes, man, a comic just smacks you in the ass and you need to dedicate the time that it deserves.

American Virgin. I went into this book with no expectations. I bought it for the cover. I enjoy Seagle’s work and Cloonan is a fantastic artist but for the most part this book just sort of cruised under my radar and demanded none of my attention. Don’t know why, shit just happens sometimes - the subject matter just didn't excite me enough, I suppose.

I was in the comic shop and I believe it was Fossen’s review that was stuck in my head and I decided to pick it up.

Last book I read. By the time I got around to it I felt like it was a chore, a waste of 3-bucks if I didn’t read it.

Here’s the thing – here’s what made this issue exceptional. Is that you’re reading this book and you have this character who, when you really break him down, is a good guy. And not a good guy in the way your coworker is a good guy for letting you grab some twizzlers – the guy is just righteous and not hypocritical at all.

He’s the guy we all hate. And I’m reading this book and I’m saying to myself that there is no way I can enjoy this book beyond the first issue – there’ nothing relatable about this guy whatsoever, he’s just this tool that’s better than me and happy about it. Who the fuck wants to read stories like that when we have Tom Cruise in the real world?

So I’m reading this book and they keep teasing the girlfriend fucking it all up angle and I’m wishing something bad happens to them. I just want her to break up with him or to cheat on him. And they tease the cheat, the whole not coming home thing, I’m reading that and saying to myself, “Oh damn – looks like somebody’s out getting stuffed.” And I was happy about that, you know – I saw what was coming and I was happy that this douche-fucker was going to get what he deserves for being so righteous.

And then the ending came. And it was so real and so raw that it just sucker punches you and you realize that you WISHED for that to happen. Maybe not that exact scenario but you’re reading this book and you’re wishing for something bad to happen and then what happens is worse than you imagined happening. Within a panel you find yourself relating to this douchy, unlikable character. Partially it’s because you feel bad for him, true, but partially because we know what that instantaneously loss feels like – we remember what it was like the first time we experienced true tragedy and you think back to your past and wonder if you felt as important as the main character of this book felt – if you’re whole perception of reality was destroyed in an instant as well.

I remember the moment; I talked about it on this blog. When my Uncle Mike died, it was shortly after my confirmation – he was my sponsor. There was always this delusional sense of holiness crammed into my head – I still have it now and it was certainly a lot stronger as a kid. Come confirmation time I chose my Uncle Mike over my rich Uncle Chris and it seemed like this move ordained by God – angels in heaven singing hosanna because I went with a man who needed to feel love over a man who’ll buy me a bike. My mom plays into it, tells me I made the right choice.

We got closer as the months went on, confirmation came and went, we had this special connection through God – and then that Christmas he went into the hospital with internal bleeding – by the time we showed up he was in a coma, shortly after he died.

And whereas the relationship was different, the age and the circumstances were different – there’s this reality that drops on you and reminds you that you’re not immune to this type of shit – just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.

You just kind of understand that nobody really knows what God has in store for them – and you find yourself wondering what’s going to happen next. And that’s how the lead from AV becomes relatable – the issue ends and you’re wondering what’s going to happen next, much like he is.

I hope it goes somewhere not too cliché – I’ll be looking forward to the second issue.


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The New DCC and Skyscrapers #3

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Friday update!

Just plugging - the DC Conspiracy has a new face and a new URL. Update your bookmarks and head over to http://www.dcconspiracy.com for all your DC Area comic creating needs.

James Sime, comic pimp and proprietor of the uber-swank Isotope, is providing the world with an 8-page preview of Joshua Cotter's upcoming SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST #3 (Adhouse). Go, check it out. Now. Order it from your shop. And check out Joshua's strips as well, they're rad.


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I got nothing

Thursday, March 09, 2006

There’s a new The Hive up – a collection of money raising/saving techniques to help you fund your comics. Go check it out, comment, link it, love it.

I haven’t talked comics in a while because I haven’t read many recently. In the past month all I’ve read has been Solo, Mouse Guard and half of the Absolute Watchmen I got for my birthday. I have all these great books sitting in me “to read” pile (and Infinite Crisis which, as discussed earlier, I’m mesmerized but how convoluted and alienating it is).

I guess no time to read comics when you’re working on them. Helping Josh along with the script to Elk’s Run #8 – yes, we’re still working on it because we promised you it’ll see the light of day and we weren’t fucking around. It’s going to be a strong ending to a strong series.

Then there’s my book which is moving along nicely although the past two nights I haven’t found much time to devote to it. I think Friday and this weekend are going to be busy, busy, busy calling, emailing, designing, thinking and planning.

I spent two hours last night trying to transfer this old video I stole from home to my computer because it would have entertained you all to no end. Just some black and white movie of me dancing, wearing these horrible sunglasses that look like the ones Data from Star Trek wore and a fingerless leather glove while singing into a broom handle. My VCR just sucks, it couldn’t track the video well enough – I got this new computer over the weekend because my old one died and it came with a TV tuner and has the ability to record TV, I figured this will bring a whole new level of storytelling to The Moose – but, nope, no dice.

I’m going to have to borrow someone else’s VCR to try it out and see if it works before buying a new one. Between Tivo and DVD, though, who needs a VCR anymore?

So, in other words, I got nothing but promotion today. Hopefully I can borrow a VCR and try to rip this tape again and have something wicked funny for Tuesday.


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