Flashing #54: African Mythology

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tired - long day. Sorry this is so late. I kind of rushed it, too, so it's not my favorite story by any means. More Flashing at the main page.


Nafula sat against a tree. The ground was dry and the tree felt weak. Nafula looked up to the heavens and saw a cloud in the distance. It was a small cloud, traveling by itself, but it was the only cloud Nafula has seen in many months. She called out to it, “Cloud!” and the cloud came to her.

“Can I help you?” asked the cloud.

“This ground is dry and this tree is dying. They need water. You must open up for them,” said Nafula.

“But if I open up for the ground and that tree I will no longer be a cloud and I like being a cloud,” the cloud replied.

Nafula’s throat was dry and she felt too weak to stand. “But I need water and the crops in the village are dying. You must open up so I can have a drink and food.”

The cloud looked remorseful but it still refused to help Nafula. “That is very sad,” said the cloud, “but if I open up for you I will no longer be a cloud and I like being a cloud.”

Nafula thought of her brother and mother. “But my family needs water and food, too, or else we will all die.”

The cloud was torn but hardened. “I don’t want your village to die but if I am no longer a cloud than I will die and I do not want to die.”

Nafula, who was wise for such a young child, had an idea that would help her village and the cloud. “Go and get other clouds, as many clouds as you can find, and join with them to become the biggest cloud in the sky. Open up for 30 days. Stop before you get too small and then go find more clouds again. Come back and open up when you’re once again the biggest cloud in the sky.”

The little cloud thought about the idea and saw that it was good. It circled the lands and found thousands of clouds to join with. The little cloud soon became the biggest cloud in the sky and it opened up for Nafula and her people. Rain and lightening came down from the heavens for thirty straight days and after it all the cloud was once again a tiny puff in the sky.

The cloud liked being so big so it went off to look for more clouds and once again become the biggest cloud in the sky. And Nafula and her people had food and water to last them the rest of the year.

And that is why the skies open up once a year.


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