Flashing #29: Math Quiz

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today was nuts. I was able to whip this one up before dinner, though. Pop quiz! Pick up your pencils, you have ten minutes. It's based on the original memoir. If you want more Flashing stories, head on over to the main page.


Math 204


Quiz #8

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1)      In a given hour it usually takes two alcoholic beverages to get Jason tipsy, three to get him drowsy, and four to put him to sleep. If Jason drinks three and a half eight-ounce glasses of red wine the hour before he boards his plane, how many alcoholic beverages will he need to drink during the first hour of the plane ride in order to fall to sleep? What if we assumed a toxic load exponent of .5?

2)      Jason didn’t drink enough alcoholic beverages to fall asleep on the plane. He’s been up since 7AM EST and his plane landed in Munich at 9AM CET (7 hour time difference). How much longer will Jason need to avoid sleep in order to be awake for 24 hours? Assuming his cognitive functions depreciate at a rate of two functions per hour after 24 hours, at what time will Jason have lost his ability to reason, perceive, learn, and think?

3)      Jason finally goes to bed at 4:30PM CET. Unfortunately, by then, all of his cognitive functions are deficient and he accidently sets his alarm for 7AM instead of 7PM. Assuming his first REM cycle starts 1.5-hours into his “nap” and then he cycles through REM every three hours, how many REM cycles will Jason have gone through by the time he wakes up at midnight?

4)      After oversleeping Jason decides he at least needs to get out for some food. He’s walking down a deserted street when he hears techno music coming from a party bus behind him. Assuming that we’re in a vacuum and that sound is traveling 343m/s, how long does it take a single beat to reach Jason if the bus is 100-yards away? Assuming the bus is traveling at 30km/hr and Jason is walking at 3km/hr, how long will it take the bus to catch up to Jason?

5)      Jason steps into a bar in Schwabing where the hostess speaks nothing but German. She’s trying to tell Jason that there’s a one-euro charge for entering the bar but Jason thinks he’s hitting on her. Considering it takes Jason, on average, five minutes to get any point ever made ever and his comprehension of a single German phrase increases by two percent every thirty seconds, will Jason understand what she’s saying before he gets the point?

6)      Redo problem one except assume Jason averages two pints of beer an hour for seven hours. At hour three, he also has two shots of Jaeger.

7)      Jason has to walk one mile back to his hotel. Assuming he stumbles and takes an extra four steps, equaling five feet, for every eight steps he takes, how many extra steps will it take Jason to get home?

8)      The next night Jason is back at the same bar. He’s singing karaoke. He first sings James Brown’s “I Feel Good” which increases anti-American sentiment in the room at the rate of 2% per second followed by The Beatles “Twist and Shout” which increases anti-American sentiment in the room at the rate of 4.5% per second (both compounded continuously). If the former song is 4-minutes long and the latter song is 3-minutes long, what is the overall increase of anti-American sentiment in the room directed towards Jason?

9)      On the third night Jason decides to hang out with eight more Americans. If the background noise is a constant 72 decibels and the people at Jason’s table speak, on average, 18 decibels above the background with a variance of 2 decibels, what is the maximum decibel level one could expect assuming the distribution asymptotically approaches four standard deviations above the mean?

10)  Jason realizes how good he has it back home. He can’t wait to see Robin again. If the soul is boundless and the heart is infinite, how much love is contained within Jason’s body if it’s overflowing?


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