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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

260 variations of one story stories, told every most Mondays through Fridays, for a full year. Each story has to be less than 1000-words. I post it no matter how much I hate it. I research it, I plot it, I write it, and I move on to the next one. All Some of the stories will be inspired in some way by the March 23rd memoir. Most of them will focus on thematic elements and some of them will be direct translations into a different medium. EDIT: As it turns out, most of them will actually just be stories I feel like writing. That's the plan at least. I'm doing this for fun, to see if I generate any new stories that I'd like to further develop, and to grow a little bit as a writer and experiment in unfamiliar territory. And here's what I've posted so far.

3/23/2009 - Salvaging Munich (Memoir)
3/24/2009 - What We Left Behind (Space Opera)
3/25/2009 - James "Jim" K. Torres Jr. (Obituary)
3/26/2009 - The First Act (Slasher)
3/27/2009 - To-Do List
3/30/2009 - 1622: Repentance (Jidaigeki)
3/31/2009 - 1866: Edo's End (Steampunk)
4/1/2009 - 1944: Nakajima Perot (Dieselpunk)
4/2/2009 - 2016: Lambs (Cyberpunk)
4/3/2009 - Three Days Later: The Second Coming (Biopunk)
4/6/2009 - Crossword Puzzle
4/7/2009 - Excel Spreadsheet
4/8/2009 - Twitter Feed
4/9/2009 - Classified Document
4/10/2009 - PostSecret
4/13/2009 - X (a Chuck Palahniuk homage)
4/14/2009 - tonight (a horrible e.e.cummings homage)
4/15/2009 - David Mamet
4/16/2009 - Stephanie Meyer
4/17/2009 - Free Republic
4/20/2009 - Western Horror
4/21/2009 - Disaster Thriller
4/22/2009 - Hardboiled
4/23/2009 - Atonal
4/24/2009 - The Worst Spaceship In The Universe (Libertarian Science Fiction)
4/27/2009 - Hint Fiction
4/28/2009 - Choose Your Own Adventure
4/29/2009 - Missed Connection
4/30/2009 - Math Quiz
5/1/2009 - Recipe
5/4/2009 - Sports Fiction
5/5/2009 - Sword and Planet
5/7/2009 - Monologue
5/8/2009 - Horoscope
5/11/2009 - Fable
5/13/2009 - Source Code
5/14/2009 - Postcard
5/15/2009 - James Bond Reboot
5/18/2009 - The Last Republican (Political Satire)
5/19/2009 - Dream
5/20/2009 - Limerick
5/22/2009 - Cheerleading Cheer

I took a week off here for wedding, work, life stuff...

6/2/2009 - Space Western
6/3/2009 - Conspiracy Fiction
6/4/2009 - Haiku
6/5/2009 - Urban Legend

I once again took a week off for my honeymoon. I don't regret a thing, had a great honeymoon.

6/15/2009 - Originally a tragedy, taken down for a Romance Comic. Original tragedy can be emailed upon request. I came to the conclusion that the tragedy was too tragic and close-to-home for public consumption and promotion
6/16/2009 - GLBT Sci-Fi
6/17/2009 - Post 9-11 Fiction
6/18/2009 - African Mythology
6/19/2009 - Romantic Comedy
6/23/2009 - Social Commentary
6/24/2009 - Erotica


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