Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It’s late, nothing prepared – but I dropped an unscheduled post this past Friday where I send love to Neil Kleid and Jake Allen’s Brownsville and offer up a free copy to one lucky poster. So get to posting.

Firmed up 8 teams for “The Project” and might have a good start on number 9. My cousin RJ and I will likely be collaborating on a story and I know who I want for the last two invite stories, one open submission and one story left on reserve in case my dream-come-true ever decides to return one of my phone calls/emails. I’m not at stalker status yet, though, so I keep trying. I’m getting to the point where I need to start thinking about who I need to cut from my “potential line-up” list I scribbled down almost two months ago. This whole project spiraled out of control, I never expected the reception it’s getting. So far only one person from the “people I’d love to have in this book list” couldn’t commit, the other one is wishing I’d stop emailing him but until he says, “stop”, I’m going to keep bugging his ass.

I need to think long term. I hope to use this book as a means to starting a publishing company. Forging relationships by building a strong book with established creators will help me ensure there’s a second project and a third and a fourth, etc. Plus, it’s kind of exciting – when you take a shot in the dark at someone you love and they get jazzed about the idea – that’s validating.

For Elk’s Run fans I have a little production update for you. Noel’s finishing issue 8 right now, Keating’s coloring 7, Jaco should be finished lettering 6 tonight (although it’s past 2AM ‘round these parts – Jaco? Fuckin’ pages better be in my email by tomorrow morning), I sent off the lettering script for 7 tonight. We’re still working hard on the book; I hope that provides some comfort for you folks.

Got the first ten pages of JJ Kahrs’ project I’m editing for him – the one I described as a tremendous concept that would be fun to work with. I have to admit – the kid’s good. I was worried he’d be real green but he has the chops for it, needs a little bitch slapping which I laid on heavily but by publicly saying he’s good I hope that lifts his spirits a bit.

And that’s all I got for now. Sorry about that. I wanted to give some love to GRAY HORSES and MOM’S CANCER (which I just read this weekend for the first time) but I’m too tired and can hardly put down a sentence as it is. Busy getting ready for Thursday – The Project gets announced on The Hive this Thursday. Probably not the teams, I don’t want to shoot my load on the first day, but the concept, the production blog and potentially one creator will be announced. So, everything’s working towards that.

And now I need to go to bed, 2:15AM and I got tons of shit to do tomorrow.

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