The Moose in the Closet is an experiment in writing. Every Monday through Friday for a full year I will write a 1-3 page story (sometimes they go a little longer) about my past up until June 2000, which is when I moved to Washington DC. The goal is to turn even the most trivial events into entertaining stories in an attempt to make an average life seem extraordinary.

I got an idea for something like this back in the summer of 1998, a period that?s referred to in this blog as The Summer of 423. It has been attempted a couple of times (in some form) but never really made it that far, mainly because the story I was focusing on was just that one summer. By allowing myself to do the first 22 years of my life, it gives me the freedom to tell the stories that aren?t necessarily relevant but fun to tell plus try to give the reader the sense of the whole picture, let them see me evolve on several levels.

Every posting is structured so that there is a quick plug or comment at the beginning followed by the story, so if you just want to goods, skip the first couple of paragraphs ? you should be able to figure it out, lately I?ve been using a line break to section the two off.

As far as what I?m doing now, I am currently the managing editor for Hoarse & Buggy Productions, a growing comic book company that has so far produced Western Tales of Terror and Elk?s Run, both critically acclaimed. I have some of my own stories published and am working on several properties that I hope to develop in the near future. I?m a member of a local Washington DC creator group, the DC Conspiracy, and I write a weekly article for the blog entitled ?Here?s the Thing??; it?s a bluntly honest column focusing on breaking in to the comic industry.

So I hope you like what you see and please feel free to write me an email or drop a comment. It makes me feel like I?m not wasting my time if I know people are digging it. If you?re new to the site you can browse through the archives or sample the ?Best of? which is a collection of my personal favorites combined with stories that were well received by other people.