Best of the Moose

Below is a list of the stories that are either my personal favorites or have been well received by others. Its a good way to get yourself familiar with The Moose and decide whether or not its worth going through months and months of stories. Ill split them up into the comedies, the dramas, the guest writers and the quarterly pictorial adventures.

January 29th - Learning to Drink
February 25th - Hooker Hand
March 2nd - The End of Pranks
March 7th - The Jacking of Strings
March 8th - Homerian Ethics
March 17th - Dick Trumps Deaf
March 21st - The Piss Drunk Piss
April 12th - Visiting Arizona
April 21st - Thrashin'
April 25th - The Almost Greatest Accomplishment
May 9th - Bootlegs
May 11th - Walkin' On By the Birds and the Bees
May 23th - Diggidy Dorks
May 24th - Celtic Idiots
May 27th - Words Fail Me
June 2nd - Fashion RAMPAGE!!!
June 13th - It don't mean a thing (If you ain't got that sting)
June 21st - Lettin' a Playa' Play
June 22nd - Magic Glasses
June 27th - Ground Zero
June 28th - Black & White and Red all Over
July 18th - The Last Date
July 19th - The Truth About Fireworks
July 22nd - My Blow-Up Romance
July 27th - The Force was With Us
August 2nd - Me Verses My Mom
August 3rd - The Efficient Smoker
August 9th - Bad Ankle
September 5th - Brooklyn Heights Falls
September 7th - Egg Raid
September 15th - Sleazy Steve
September 16th - Abe
September 21st - The Angel of Death and Norbert
September 22nd - Dan
September 26th - First Flashes and Flicks
September 30th - Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
October 3rd - Blue Balls
October 7th - Hall of Fame
October 10th - The Cook
October 18th - Gettin' Digi Wit' It
October 19th - My First Vibrator
October 20th - Button Mashing
October 21st - I Get Around

The Dramas:
January 26th - The Day Mike Gets Shot
February 17th - A Prelude to Junior High
February 10th - The Gang Fight
February 7th - 1986
March 9th - Nick
March 25th - A Prelude to 423
March 30th - Sentimental Bullshit
March 31st - The Opposite of Sentimental Bullshit
April 7th - La Carta
April 19th - My Father's Persistence
April 23rd - 423
April 29th - Death Says "Hi"
May 3rd - The Tipping Point
May 4th - My Pops and My Field of Guilt
May 19th - Uncle Mike
June 9th - Breakdowns
June 17th - The Moose Comes out of the Closet
June 24th - The House
August 18th - Douches
August 23rd - The Last Catering
August 25th - Back to Boston
August 26th - The Lack of Communication
October 14th - The Patient
October 28th - The Rapture

The Guest Writers
July 15th - Robin
July 14th - PJ
July 13th - RJ
July 12th - My Sister
July 11th - Joshua Hale Fialkov
July 8th - Chris Fabulous
July 7th - My Mom
July 6th - Jay Busbee
July 5th - Sean Maher
July 4th - Guam