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Monday, July 11, 2005

My sister is my life. She knows this. And although she’s too young to be reading this site, she gave me a story for it that choked me up a bit. She’s 16 now, making her way through high-school, and hopefully going to college near me in two years. Otherwise, there’s always after college, you know?


Hi. My name is Elizabeth, Jason’s sister. Jay asked me to write something for his site, I’m not that good at writing stories like Jason is and don’t have much to write about so I thought I would write about my memories with my brother growing up.

Let me first say that I was the best gift ever, even better than video games, according to my brother. Unlike most siblings I don’t think we ever fought. I think it was because of the eleven years between us. By the time I was at that age where most siblings start to really annoy each over, Jason was already out of the house and in college. I was seven.

However when he did live home he did so many things with me. From dressing me up in his clothes when I was a toddler to making movies when I was a little kid to making up games that we still do to this day. We sometimes rearranged the whole apartment… our parents weren’t always happy when they came home to see the mess we left!

He always tried to make me laugh, one time, which I don’t remember but he mentions it every once in awhile, he tried to do a magic trick for me and instead swallowed a quarter. When I was around nine or ten my cousin Steven was a regular at our house during the summer. We had some fun times. Jason directed movies and we starred in them. It started out with a stop-go animation featuring Jason’s GI Joes and Star Wars figures voiced by Jason, Steven, and I. Followed by short films of the three of us as bums, Steven and I as Siamese twins, and a Muppets’ revenge movie. That was the best. That same summer Jason decided to spray sun-in in my hair… that didn’t go so well. I cried every night for about a year until it completely came out. I hated being a blonde!

I remember the day we brought Jason to his dorm. I only remember arriving and leaving. I loved visiting him in college. We went to go see all the historic sites, but my favorite was his bench on the Charles River. It was so nice and peaceful. Leaving was always hard for me. I missed him so much and did not get to see him that much. Whenever I got into the car to leave, I always tried to hide my tears from my parents I hugged my favorite stuffed animal, bear-bear, and cried. Whenever Jason did come home to visit we hung out during the day, then night came and he would go catch up with old friends. When I was younger I was always upset that he went out even though I didn’t show it.

When he got out of college and got a real job. He always got me the best birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. The first being a video camera, followed by a keyboard that following Christmas. The next year he gave me a DVD player for Christmas. Then one of my favorite gifts, my computer he got me for my fourteenth Birthday accompanied by my TV my parents brought me. Then, that Christmas, my game cube. Followed by the second best gift for my birthday tickets to go see RENT…I love that play. He got me the tickets for my birthday in March and flew down in May to take me to see it. I had so much fun and he got me addicted to that play.

Being with Jay is always a fun time. I love to visit him. I wish I could see him more often and I hope in two years I can go to college near him so I can catch up on the years we missed when he moved out. I love my brother and look up to him so much. I think he is an awesome brother and most kids wished they had a brother like mine. I know I can always count on him to be there and I know I can talk to him about anything.

Here is to my brother. Although I can swim circles around him and he is a tad musically challenged, he is super smart, a great writer, and LUCKY to have a sister like me…

Just kidding I am just as lucky, if not luckier to have brother that cares so much like him.


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Blogger kylie said...

I came across your blog and now I'm hooked - I really want a little sister now.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Ah, yes, another convert to the Church of Moose. Welcome. We only ask you check your morals at the door and reccomend splashing yourself with holy water after leaving.

12:39 PM  

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