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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No plugs today. Too tired. Worked until 9, trying to get all my shit done before California road trip of insane fun. Also needed to get Spark Cartoon page near completion, waiting on one last toon. Page looks great. Story time…


Halloween, junior year, a friend of mine threw a party at his house. He had a nice place down in Allston that he shared with his well-off, Hindu friends. The Hindu-house housed many a fine party. It was ultra swank, balcony, windows that went up to the ceiling, nice couches and sound system, oversized old-school movie posters, 3 floors.

The Halloween party was ridiculously packed. I got there early but as the night rolled on it was getting to the point where people couldn’t move, so many people dressed like devils and cats and vampires just packed into this townhouse. Eventually the Hindus had to start turning people away.

The kegs were kicked but most people were smart enough to bring their own flasks so the lack of beer wasn’t getting people to go home. The DJ was getting pissed because his space was so crowded that people kept bumping his turntables. He was threatening to pack it up so we all had to squish in even more – the confined space was getting to me so I decided to sneak outside for a smoke and some air.

It took about twenty minutes just to get out of the door and I must have brushed up against more breast, cock and ass than most men will brush past for the rest of their lives. It got to the point where I was angling towards the better looking people because, if I was going to brush and get brushed, might as well do it with someone I normally wouldn’t be able to touch, know what I’m saying?

I finally make it out and I see something glorious, something you only see in movies and even then you only see it in the most awesome movies ever made.

Eight, loud, obnoxious, beefed up, white frat-boys dressed as nuns, drunk off their asses, and screaming at one of the Hindu-house residents because the dude won’t let them in.

“We’re too crowded and we’re out of beer.”

I tell the Hindu-house resident that I’m going to get some more people. I go downstairs, to the bedrooms, where fewer people where hanging out, and grab a couple of dudes I know. We all roll upstairs to make sure the kid doesn’t get beat-up. Now we’re back outside, rolling 6 or 7 deep, and the nuns keep yelling and cursing. One of them pushes the kid that lives in the house.

And that’s when the first fist flew. It’s the kind of thing I wished some passer-by could have seen – a Hindu guy socking a nun right in the face. The nun stumbled back, wiped the blood from his nose and just like that it was on.

We made short work of the nuns; they were tanked and had no coordination. A coupled of them got licked and they must have realized it was a lost cause and went away. As they were walking away they were screaming that they’ll be back, we were just yelling after them, telling them, “Come back, fuckers, and we’ll beat your asses again!” and other various challenges.

Again, I have to picture that little old lady, with her shopping cart, walking to her apartment building and seeing a bunch of nuns, habits speckled in blood, screaming at a front yard full of people in various costumes, calling us “fags” and “fuckers” and threatening to come back with more people and weapons.

I’ve thrown down a few times; I’m a fan of a good ‘ole brawl and I’ve had friends through the years who had the tendency to start shit with a large crew of people. Not a lot of fights, mind you, and never instigated by me – but this little fight was by far the most fun I’ve ever had throwing fists. I would fight that fight every day for the rest of my life.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn... see, now that was a fine read. It brought together all the elements that define Jason hindus, humor, nuns, cock and brawling.

I've been away far too long, my friend.

I think I'm gonna end my internet sabbatical on July 1st.


1:42 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Holy shit, look who's fucking alive.

1:59 PM  

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