Courtney Huddleston and Celtic Idiots

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Before getting into my story for the day I’d like to send a little pimp action over to Courtney Huddleston whose site I somehow stumbled onto during one of my maddened late night click-fests. This guy has some great sequentials but the samples he has up for DECOY, his book with Penny-Farthing Press, rocks my pretty nice in the pleasure spot. Nice clean lines, great inks and liberal panel breaks but not excessive panel breaks, enough to make the page look dynamic and bursting with action. Great stuff, I’ll be checking out some of his book, I suggest you do the same.

One more tease before the story, I got pages 1-17 of Elk’s Run #3 back from Keating all nicely colored – he did something beautiful. I’m not going to show them yet, we’re putting together all our press-packs and what not now, but when you see them you will most likely explode. All over your fucking monitor - blood and guts. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


My friend Max was always the wild child of our group. He was the one with Mohawks and the guitars and the skateboarding beyond the Junior High School years. Junior Year in High School he put his angst on public display and became the bass player for his first band, Celtic Idiom.

Celtic Idiom was a four piece Irish freedom-fighter punk band led by this German guy that just sort of screamed melodically.

Yeah, you read that right, the lead singer for an Irish Freedom fighter punk band was German. Although, he did have blonde hair that looked red under certain lights and he was a heavy guy, I’m sure he loved his complex carbohydrates including potatoes and Guinness, he could pull off Irish.

Max couldn’t. Max was so German looking that when Jews saw him they ran away. They always had him to the back of the stage.

The drummer was just sort of white. If I remember correctly he was a mutt, sure as fuck wasn’t pure Irish.

Now the guitar player was a glorious Irish kid. You look at him and you think his name was Shamus McShamus. He was always at the front of the stage, rocking out.

One Irish member wasn’t enough to have an Irish Freedom Fighter punk band – they were more like Irish Freedom Fighter and Three Supporters. But, you know, whatever.

They weren’t the best punk band to ever play, obviously (I mean, no-one’s better than Greenday – Just kidding, Chris), but they were good for some serious moshing. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we did at their first show.

For most of us, including myself, Celtic Idioms’ fist show was the first time we heard them play. It was in some dive on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, don’t remember anything about it. The only people there were kids from Midwood High School. Celtic Idiom takes the stage and we start cheering for them. They start rocking out and we start our heads bobbing and eventually we get aggressive.

Since the place wasn’t very crowded the mosh pit was more like some weird-ass gladiator exercise. People got running starts and wailed into an unsuspecting fellow mosher from behind, knocking him face first onto the ground. Cracking people while they were on their knees. It was basically a big fucking fight in front of a stage, set to punk music.

I was in the pit as well until I notice MP stop by. This was at the begging of the school year, I haven’t seen MP yet. We flirted around towards the end of Sophomore year in our History class but she was going to Italy for the entire summer to see her family so she wanted to be commitment free.

We talked for a bit, I asked her if we were still on and she said yes. We started making out, punk rock in the background, bodies flying and I’m so sore I can hardly lift my arms. Celtic Idiom might not have inspired me to free occupied Ireland, but I got some play, and that makes the band ok in my book.

Oh, but I’m not done with Celtic Idiom yet:

After the show we all purchased their tape. I listened to it when I got home and that’s when I realized how bad they were. With tracks like 27+6=1, Hippy-crit and Cold Pizza, Warm Beer you kind of realize how all over the road they were. And when you combine it with a big German guy shouting:

Free occupied Ireland! Irish freedom fighters shout!

You know they’re destined for absolutely nothing. Eventually their guitar player left the band. You would think that, if a band called Celtic Idiom lost their only Irish guy, they would pack it in. Instead, the singer played guitar and they became a three piece.

Max’s response to this?

This is exactly how Nirvana started.

Celtic Idiom isn’t around anymore, six Irish counties are still occupied, Kurt Corbain is dead and U2 is selling iPods. Rock & Roll, baby. Rock & Roll.


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