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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Talking to Neil Kleid over at the Isotope Virtual Lounge yesterday I was reminded of two comic creators I should pimp. First off is Adam Suerte, cartoonist behind the Ignatz nominated Aprendiz. I met Adam at a bar last year after MOCCA, he was hanging out with a long time friend. We got to talking, he was a cool cat, and I picked up Aprendiz 1 and 2 and really dug it, still waiting on 3. I went to his table at SPX last year and he had to bail last minute, some House of Twelve guys took over Adam’s table and I talked to them a bit. Purchased House of Twelve #3: Fiesta, a book that had raunchy as hell stories including the insanely wrong serialized story of a Leprechaun that tricks kids into fisting him. So, you know, don’t buy it for your kids. But check out Adam Suerte and check out House of Twelve, they both produce some good stuff.

Continuing the week of stories dedicated to the Rodriguez family...

Couple of years back my Grandparents moved to Virginia. My Aunt Sophie was out there and my Grand parents spent their entire life in Red Hook, they probably decided they needed a change. Now, I have no problem with that, I live in Virginia now, I understand the need to try new places. I just wished they would have told us they were moving.

This was during a lull in family relationships, there was a fight a few years back but circumstances brought us back together somewhat. It slowly faded away but my sister and I would still visit. So, when we found out they up and moved to Virginia, we were a little hurt to say the least. I got over it but my sister was younger, probably 5 or 6, and she didn’t understand why our Grandparents up and left us. She would cry, assuming they didn’t love us. Now, do what you will to me, but no-one fucks with my sister and gets away with it.

A couple of months later, on Christmas, after not hearing from them since they moved, our Grandparents send Elizabeth and I Christmas cards with checks inside them. I sent mine back. With a letter. Not just any letter, this was the letter. Three pages of letter writing goodness, front and back.

In the letter I explained how hurt they made my sister feel and, in turn, myself. I explained how bad they treat my family yet how good they treat the other kids despite the fact that my father is the one that’s actually doing the right thing with his life. I said how the special treatment carried onto to the Grandkids, how Luis gets more attention than me, how Aunt Sophie’s kids gets more attention than Elizabeth, how Uncle Alex’s son Mickey is practically ignored. I said a lot of things. And I sealed it and sent it out and waited.

My father knew I sent it, he read it before he went out. My father, being the best dad ever, told me that if this is what I needed to do, I have to do it.

About a week later I’m working the video store when my Aunt Anita comes in, letter in her hand, furious. I don’t know, I felt like I did the right thing but I said too much, I included people that shouldn’t be included, such as Luis, one of my best friends and Aunt Anita’s son. She asked me if my father knew about the letter and I said yes, she went to my father’s house.

They fought, my father told her he agrees with what I wrote and he knew he sent it, etc. I wasn’t there, I understand it was a bad time.

But that’s my dad, he stands by me no matter what. He knew what I wrote was right and he admired my courage to write what he’s been wanting to say. And I know it hurt him, putting stuff out there like that has to hurt, and I know I forced his hand, but sometimes you just have to get the shit out no matter what happens because of it.

My family didn’t talk for years, until my Uncle Alex died. I don’t want to talk too much about Uncle Alex yet but I will say that no one in my family knew that he had AIDS except for my dad. My uncle didn’t want to worry them more than they had to be. My father used to ask him, “don’t you want them to know?”

He’d tell him, “They know what I’ve done. If they want to know they’d ask.”

And maybe that’s what did it, that philosophy. Maybe that’s why my family is closer now than we’ve ever been. Maybe it was my letter, maybe they saw that some parts of it were right. I tell you, this isn’t today’s story, but there’s something about finding out someone you love so much has been dying for years. I didn’t know Uncle Alex had AIDS until he died. I didn’t understand why my whole family was going out to Arizona if Uncle Alex only had pneumonia, how bad is pneumonia, after all?

I found out later on. When I asked my dad if something else was going on. I had no excuse not to ask, this is the third time I went through these exact motions.

equilibrium sucks, fanboy: And the Band Played On


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

J, your the fucking man.


11:13 PM  
Blogger Jorge Vega said...

Best story yet.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Hi-this is in response to your latest post-the Blogger issues. I had some problems and I went looking around via google. I deleted my cookies, and all was well. check out for other Blogger woes.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Jim -
Thanks, I found another solution, I'm going to be porting this page over to Movable Type. Blogger just has too many people and it gets way to buggy.

Thanks for checking out the blog by the way.

9:17 AM  

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