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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Put some writing samples up:

Esau – A 96 page OGN about a cowboy chasing his brother across Cretaceous Utah on an Iguanodon. Currently looking for an artistic collaborator.

All the Wrong Choices – A 5-page short about a man that sucks farts off of subway seats and the little boy that sees him. Co-written by the talented Chris Fabulous (also did the layouts) and is being illustrated by Paul Maybury to be printed in glorious full color as a back-up in Elk’s Run #2.

Six Shots – A 3-page short where a thief meets a demon on a mountain path. Currently being illustrated by Marco Magallanes to be printed in Western Tales of Terror #5.

Release – A 32 page experiment that studies the effect one person’s release has on others. Currently looking for an artistic collaborator.

I have a few more things to share in the coming weeks. Some super-hero stuff, slightly more mainstream, have a conspiracy piece I’m fond of as well. Little at a time, my man. Little at a time.

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Blogger hooray said...

How does this work? Should I just put something here?

The "Dill" that Rocked the Cradle

2:33 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Nah, this is for my samples.

This site is to pimp me, ho, not your busted ass.

But, if you want a good place for general feedback on samples you wrote you can try Digital Webbings writing forum ( or Scryptic Studios writing forum ( And, finally, if you have some stuff you want me to see, email it to me (but this only goes for hooray).

2:43 PM  
Blogger hooray said...

Alrighty then! Thanks for showing me the way again. By the by, arent you an editor? If yes, check your grammer for Six Shots - pannel three. Just a FYI.


2:48 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

As long as it's not in the dialog it's not that bad.


2:52 PM  
Blogger saulcolt said...


I like your samples!

You now have the Saul Colt seal of approval!

BTW. I deleted you email my accident and want to ask you something. Please drop me a line at



4:18 PM  

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